Fully engaged, but contact free

Fully engaged, but contact free

Launching a new digitally consistent customer experience across all channels for a world famous car rental brand.
The Challenge

Like many travel and leisure businesses, this brand had been hit hard by the travel restrictions arising from the pandemic.

For business and leisure drivers alike, the process of planning and executing a trip is now more complex and uncertain than it ever has been.

Customers need more flexibility with their bookings and desire a collection and return process with minimal human interaction.

At the same time, business processes were built around the very real need for legal compliance and fraud management, which of course, vary country by country.

Fully engaged, but contact free
Our Approach

Helping a complex, global brand adapt to rapidly changing customer needs meant introducing new capabilities and ways of working.

Mission 1: Introducing experience design.
We began by working with brand leadership on their overall customer experience strategy. In particular, building empathy for what consumers were experiencing in their pandemic rental experience. This led to a redesign of their digital products, and the introduction of ‘experience design’ focused roles within product teams.
Mission 2: Building capability.
Having demonstrated the value of our approach, we are providing a range of training and coaching to product teams so that they can adopt it themselves. This is helping them bake experience design into their ways of working and ensure the value we deliver can be sustained in the long-term.
Mission 3: Supporting along the journey.
We are still supporting this brand as they redesign their digital estate and cross-channel processes. A recent IPO and ambitious electrification plans show that the brand is back into growth.
Fully engaged, but contact free
The Results
  • A flexible and effective approach to loyalty adopted in all markets and an ability to leverage global investments in product and service design.
  • New digital customer experience framework built on reusable components.
  • Consistent and seamless customer experience across all channels.

Services Provided

  • CX Strategy.
  • Business Model Design.
  • Service Design.
  • Interaction Design.
  • UX-UI Design.
  • Delivery Support.

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Niall Lavery
CEO Founder, Director of Strategy
Heather Beveridge
Senior Brand Experience Designer

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