Veriteer means

“do-er of truth”.


The quality or state of being true, real, or correct.


Noun-forming suffix.
Occurring originally in loanwords from French (buccaneer, mutineer, pioneer) and productive in the formation of English nouns denoting persons who produce, handle, or are otherwise significantly associated with the referent of the base word (auctioneer, engineer, mountaineer).



  • Veriteer has been designed to help brands become customer centric.
  • Customer centric organisations have sharper propositions, more control over income streams, and an ability to achieve accelerated growth.
  • The Customer Way is our unique approach to customer centricity.

Authentic purpose

Authentic purpose

  • Veriteers are passionate about purpose.
  • Purpose-led organisations are more focused and resilient. When a brand has an authentic purpose, it acts as a compass for all strategic and operational decision making.
  • For us, every project starts with understanding the brand purpose and defining a Customer Contract.

Experience meets operations

Experience meets operations

  • Veriteer is an end-to-end service provider. We can help you design incredible customer experiences, but we can also help you implement them.
  • Excellence in customer experience can only be achieved when your customer operations are setup to be efficient, effective and laser focused on your target outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Design is our methodology for driving every element of operations from a single, clear customer strategy.

Sustainable business change

Sustainable business change

  • Veriteer’s mission is to improve the brands that we work with.
  • We take this responsibility seriously, and every project includes a focus on capability development. In this way, we can help brand teams learn to do what we do, empowering them to continue improving their brand after we are gone.
  • The Customer Operating System is our unique approach to designing and developing customer experience capabilities in any type of organisation.
Our People

We are a
diverse bunch.

In fact, one of our defining characteristics is that we don't have any defining characteristics. This diversity helps us get to the real truth behind the problems we solve.

We come from strategy boutiques, management consultancies, marketing agencies, system integrators, design agencies, and more. We blend smarts with chops to make something very unique.

We’re a group of creative, data-driven, focused and fun people that welcome different perspectives, collaboration and above all else, a passion for their craft.

Chris Starns
CX Strategist
Inna Shabardina
Service Designer
Elisa Tabbia
Experience Designer
Mikara Naidoo
Lead Service Designer
Julia Grodzka
CX Consultant
Vik Sagi
CX Strategist
Lucia Perez
Service Designer
Aymard Dudok de Wit
CX Consultant
Iñigo Adin
Service Designer
Peter-Paul Oldenzeel
Director of Strategy, Associate
Oisín Lenehan
CX Strategist
Niall Lavery
CEO Founder, Director of Strategy
Fanta Drammeh
Senior Organisation Designer
Ainārs Tambaks
Data Analyst
Heather Beveridge
Senior Brand Experience Designer
Ana Gonzalez
Organisation Designer
Ellie Sutton
Toms Baltmuguris
Financial Analyst
Bojan Marcus
Senior Experience Designer
Elia Greenberg
Experience Designer
Eamonn Lavery
Senior User Researcher
Isabella Renirie
Senior User Researcher
Alex Villacis Miranda
Service Designer
Imogen Pilcher
CX Strategist
Renana Toren
Experience Designer

We have a
conscious culture️.

We are a very flat organisation, with open dialogue on any topic. We invest in thinking and acting on important topics to make sure that we are a positive force in all we do.

Being a Veriteer means letting go of old-world thinking, letting go of an unhealthy focus on profit, letting go of oppressive peer competition, and letting go of fear-fuelled strategies.

Focus instead on new-world thinking, open yourself to boundless collaboration, engage in positive imagining, and above all deliver outcomes that make our customers’ worlds a little bit better.

This new world-thinking is central to our ability to deliver a lasting legacy, for our clients, for ourselves and for the planet.

Interested in joining us?

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