Start building the right
strategy, tailored to
your organisation.

Start building the right
strategy, tailored to your organisation.

Veriteer was designed to be different. Our service offering is completely and comprehensively focused on helping brands achieve success through customer centricity.

Veriteer was designed to be different. Our service offering is completely and comprehensively focused on helping brands achieve success through customer centricity.

Customer Strategy

Define a compelling future vision based on robust principles, and an implementable roadmap with clear targets.
  • Understand your customers their missions and their motivators.
  • Fully explore how you might address these missions.
  • Set a clear vision for the future.
  • Prioritise options and build an implementation plan.
Get started:
Digital futures workshop
  • Over the course of either 1 or 2 days, our digital futures workshop helps an executive audience reach alignment on an approach to tackle the digital opportunity.
  • The workshop is based on a mixture of standard materials and tailored research into the topics and trends affecting your future strategy.
  • Working sessions are interspersed with lightning talks from industry leaders, innovative startups and cutting-edge tech companies.
  • This is a highly interactive format that drives clarity and alignment on their digital future.
  • We have used this successfully with c-suite teams and departmental leadership in many brands.
Customer definition
  • Often, brands do have an insufficient or inaccurate definition of their customer, and this hurts their customer experience strategies and investments.
  • Whether you call them consumers, patients, students, or users, your customers are far more complex than their socio-economic characteristics or order history can describe.
  • Our usual process starts with a segmentation based on consideration and selection drivers (why do customers choose their provider?) and a measure of the current value and future opportunity associated with each segment. This can lead to further analysis into topics such as shopping and conversion behaviours.
  • Any customer definition is always concluded with actionable recommendations for engaging your most valuable segments.
Customer contract
  • What role do your customers play in your organisation? This may seem like a strange question, but it is at the heart of understanding the relationship between corporate strategy and customer strategy.
  • In most organisations we can expect customers to be the main source of revenue, but what is beyond that? How does the role of the customer relate to your brand purpose?
  • Unless your brand purpose is simply to extract cash from your customers (which is not uncommon), you should be able to clearly articulate how what you ask your customers to do supports your overall brand ambitions.
  • A Customer Contract defines your customer relationship. Including what they can expect from your product quality, pricing, promotions, and use of customer data.

Proposition Design

Design, build and launch incredible offers that customers will buy

Customers want to pay for things that solve their problems. We call these problems ‘customer missions’. An accurate understanding of these missions allows brands to talk to customers about solving their problems, rather than just trying to sell them products.

Our approach to proposition design is deeply customer centric:

  • Explore the customer mission.
  • Identify your customers’ motivations and selection drivers.
  • Design the ideal experience, product range, service levels, and pricing model.
  • Develop engaging customer comms.
    Test, validate, refine.
Get started:
Customer mission safari
  • Think you understand what your customers really want? Deep dive into the real missions behind their decisions, and build a clear picture of why they choose (or don’t choose) your brand to solve their problems.
  • Using a combination of market and customer research approaches, you will join us in an analysis of your customers’ underlying missions and decision drivers, and insight into how your current offering compares to your competitors’.
Market entry prep
  • If you are planning to enter a new geography or market category, it is critical to adapt your proposition in line with changes to customer motivators and decision drivers.
  • We take a structured approach to fine tune your proposition that highlights the regional or category differences (including customer motivators and competitor offers), and build an updated proposition design that will win in your new market.

Service Design

Design the services that you will provide to your customers, and how they will enable your target experiences and propositions.

You can have the best stores, apps, products, and even business processes. But if they don’t work in a coherent way, you won’t deliver a great experience.

Services are where operations, infrastructure and digital products come together to add value to your customers. Veriteers believe that a service design approach provides the best way of connecting experience design with the various operational aspects needed to make those experiences happen.

We have developed a scaled service design methodology to help make this work across enterprise-level organisations:

  • Design the target customer experience down to each interaction.
  • Map the inputs and actions required from across your business and ecosystem to make these experiences happen.
  • Define the service levels and performance targets for each action.
  • Develop briefs for downstream design and development teams.
  • Monitor, manage, and optimise.
Get started:
Service Prototyping
  • Over the course of 1-2 weeks of design sprints, explore how new or improved services could add value to your customers and your brand.
  • A design sprint is a five-day process that enables you to solve complex challenges by creating a prototype and then testing it with your end user.
  • It’s the fastest and cheapest way to validate new services with real users, and helps support confident decision making for new investments in service and experience.
Customer journey mapping
  • Understand the experience that your customers are currently having and use these insights to drive improvements.
  • Using a combination of analytics and research approaches, we work with your team to map your customers’ key journeys through your services, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • These customer journey maps can then be used to drive action planning, customer communication flows, staff training, and more.

Operations Design

Build highly efficient and effective customer operations that will meet your customer experience and profitability targets.

The best design won’t deliver any benefits unless it is executed well. Our operations design team help design and run the world’s best customer operations.

Build effective teams and processes that improve speed to market, customer relevance and growth. Whether it is structure, processes, behaviour, incentives, accountability, automation, or something completely different.

We have developed a scaled service design methodology to help make this work across enterprise-level organisations.

Get started:
Operations diagnostic
  • Whether it’s your contact centre, e-commerce order management, online merchandising, new product development, or something else altogether. We spend 1-2 weeks immersing ourselves in your business operations to identify challenges and opportunities.
  • You will be left with insights backed up by analysis that can help you unlock real business value and deliver an incredible customer experience.
Value stream mapping
  • Focusing your whole organisation on value is challenging. We use a range of Lean practices to optimise customer operations, and value chain mapping is an invaluable technique.
  • A value chain simply describes the full range of activities needed to create a product or service. Mapping it allows us to identify and remove waste, improve operational performance and accelerate time to market for your key customer processes.
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