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Maximising employee retention in design teams

Maximising employee retention in design teams

Defining the most effective way for a global grocery retailer to retain its staff​.

The challenge

The client was experiencing high employee turnover rates within their Business Service Design team, an integral function whose work is ultimately focused on improving the overall customer experience.

This turnover was causing operational disruption and a loss of crucial business knowledge. Help was sought to both mitigate this issue and additionally attract new Business Service designers.

​The approach

The team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the root causes of turnover and provided actionable recommendations on how to mitigate this challenge in the future. This analysis comprised:

  • Desktop research to identify key drivers of employee retention and attraction.
  • Bench-marking to compare employee benefits and salaries with competitors and industry leaders - highlighting differences in wellbeing, personal development, and culture.
  • An understanding of psychological needs including how the company treats employees, and their perception of work and the organisation. 
  • An evaluation of exit interviews to identify areas for improvement to maximise the employee insights derived from this touchpoint.

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The results

The key deliverable provided to the client was an Employee Retention Playbook which included:

  • A highly tailored retention strategy
  • A comprehensive benchmarking matrix of retention strategies and salaries from competitors and industry leaders
  • A framework highlighting tangible and intangible factors contributing to higher employee retention
  • An optimised exit interview questionnaire to extract deeper levels of employee insight and more actionable feedback

The client management teams are aligned on the importance of fostering a loyal and engaged workforce to drive organisational goals and business success and all the tools for success.

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