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Designing multi-dimensional spaces

Designing multi-dimensional spaces

Designing multi-dimensional space​s.

The challenge

The Liminal aimed to be a unique space, offering highly functional immersive experiences to brands, businesses and communities. To achieve this they needed a "multi-dimensional being space" that allowed complete flexibility in its physical and digital configuration.

Veriteer were asked to take on this brief, design every aspect of the space and project manage its implementation.

The approach

The space needed to work for a range of everyday and one-off experiences, covering solo working, group working, multi-location collaboration, hybrid events, social experiences, content creation studios, and much more.

Give the physical constraints of the Liminal space, the Veriteer team based their design on an experience framework that identified the various outcomes, experiences, and features that would need to be configured in the Liminal.

This led to design of individual features and assets including reconfigurable furniture that could support creative scenography, extensive use of project technology, and studio-level audio recording and projection.

the liminal 03the liminal 04

The results

The Liminal is now hosting a wide range of incredible experiences for a range of brands including TEDx Amsterdam, RTL, OpenUp, and of course, Veriteer and MadeFor

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