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Making product data work for commerce

Making product data work for commerce

Investigating the feasibility of product data sharing ​for e- & social commerce.

The challenge

The client, a global retailer, was on a journey to build a competitive advantage through stronger brand visibility. Therefore, there was a need to expand their online commerce channels in pursuit of both a seamless omnichannel approach and better customer experiences overall.

As this was an enhancement of commerce channels, It was essential that they understood the process and feasibility of catalogue syndication.


The approach

The project team did a comprehensive audit of the client's social media channels, as well as their IT capabilities and limitations. Research was undertaken on potential commerce channels, investigating their CX, promotional opportunities, and technical feasibility. After, the team analysed competitors' e-commerce strategies and customer research on their social commerce channels. 

Storyboards showcasing customer shopping journeys and technical process maps for catalogue syndication were developed, as well as advice on technical improvements and business operations.Nemo   BSD Catalogue Syndication 02

The results

The team delivered a comprehensive catalogue syndication strategy, a  roadmap with supporting design artefacts, and deep market insights aiding the overall marketing strategy to build a competitive advantage. 

The work has been crucial in developing and strengthening the client’s IT capabilities, including their IT architecture. The project’s success generated rising demand for advanced API management solutions and improved data management, including product data quality, which is ongoing and are crucial steps towards establishing e- and social commerce to fulfil their vision of creating a unified catalogue of sales channels.

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