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Culture-driven business growth

Culture-driven business growth

Defining the most effective way to create a team culture.

The challenge

The client sought assistance in defining and preserving their effective sub-culture as they expanded their team. By reflecting on positive behaviours and values that fostered collaboration and alignment with business goals, they aimed to establish a clear framework for the continued growth and evolution of their team culture. 

​The approach

The approach involved understanding the client's needs, conducting research, and creating tailored workshops to guide them in defining their company culture. The workshops facilitated discussions on core elements, identified common themes, and resulted in refined culture statements.

Client feedback was incorporated and recommendations for maintaining the culture were provided, along with the appointment of individuals to oversee it. This collaborative approach empowered the client with an active involvement in shaping their company culture.

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The results

The team delivered full insight into the team's core values, including a comprehensive team culture statement. Guidance and strategy was delivered on maintaining and sustaining the culture as the team continues to grow. 

The client now has the team, framework, skills and confidence to maintain their unique team identity within the wider corporate culture, while aligning with the organisational strategy and goals.

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